Dr. Luigi Chiricosta

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I am Luigi Chiricosta, a Master student of the Bioinformatics course enrolled at the Alma Mater Studiorum, the Athnaeum in Bologna.
Now, I am busy with the development of a thesis project entitled Detecting cancer causing genes and variants in Colon Adenocarcinoma.
I am intrigued by the actual thesis project from the relationship among genotype and phenotype in problems pertinent complex systems.
I am very thrilled to the scientific research, in particular about Artificial intelligence and Machine learning applied to the human beings in medical area but even about the interaction human being - robot.

I got the certification in English language as B2 level, required to attempt the Master course.

My background is in Computer Science. I am graduated with the highest honours at the University in Messina in the 2013/2014 accademic year in the department of Mathematics and Computer Science.
During the Bachelor's Degree I strengthened skills about software design on a lot of platforms like C++, Java, Python, XML, HTML, SQL, HSQL, PHP, JavaScript, CSS enhanced by means of the internship taked place in Milan using both client-oriented and server-oriented technologies on Windows, Linux and Android systems.
For pleasure, the thesis project entitled L'uomo, i robot e l'intelligenza artificiale discussed not only about software but even about hardware, in which I specialized by myself.
In particular, I worked on Arduino board that I used to allow an easy linkage among hardware and software side, among Arduino, Android and Java (used even for a the realisation of a server on Windows).

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